Sunday, 28 August 2011

Saturday, 27 August 2011

26.Ogos 2011 .

 Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera.whooot!whoot!haahaha.*asal excited sangat ni ?*hahhaa.oke.
First of all,i would llike to tell you about 26.08.2011..oke! if you want to read this post read lah.if you don't want to read just close you eyes or turn to another pages.hahaha *just kiddig*
On that day.our school have "khatam Quran progarames" , "solat hajat and taubat", lecture and the last one was the school tradition , posted shaking.hehe.we apologize to all teachers.heee.Felt so calm on that day..



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trial spm fever


on 15 th ogos.spm trial was began.All form 5 students working very hard to conquer the subject..Well, what we can say about this trial spm?..hurm..sooooo hard, we thing so.nothing would be easy if we not study hard and study we right?.hehehe.sorry teachers if our marks make you mad and sad.we'll try our best for spm.On,25 Ogos the enggineering technology student finished their exam.*oke.happy for raya* hahaha but ict students must study on raya because they have paper after raya.haha *oh,paper *.hahahhaa



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Friday, 26 August 2011

about our class.

our class was originally named 5 Bestari.when this school got new principals,Tuan haji omar bin ahmad.
He chaged all classes name with the university named.He did that because he want all the student fill the spirit to learn and continue learning at university.Our class set with university malaya.we try to familiarize ourselves with the new class named.Our class have 31 members.We take nine subeject for SPM.which are bahasa melayu,english,math,pendidikan isam,history,chemistry,physics,ict or our clas have two branches which is ict students and engineering studens..Our class teacher is pn.norsham binti adam.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

blog 5 universiti malaya ^^

Alhamdulillah blog ini akhirnya berjaya di ini ditubuhkan utunk hari pusat sumber sekolah.semua kelas diwajibkan ada blog.selain itu,blog ini membawa banyak kebaikan.contohnya,kita dapat menyimpan memori-memori mengenai zaman persekolahan kita untuk di tonton semasa dewasa kelak.Dalam masa yang sama kita dapat mengimbau kenangan-kenangan lalu bersama kawan-kawan di sekolah : gelak ketawa bersama-sama,di marahi bersama-sama ,di denda  bersama-sama dan berusaha untuk menggapai satu matlamat iaitu straight A's dalam SPM 2011.doakan kami ye.amin~
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